Page 11 - ATC Special Bulletin 2020 Issue 1
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Entry Point North has been selected by Avinor AS to provide simulator services and support for on-the-job training (OJT) at Röros airport in in in in Norway The training commenced during August and will continue until October October this this year In October October this this Norwegian airport will overnight change from being controlled to AFIS which leaves no possibility for the the OJT training in in in the the actual control tower By conducting the OJT in in a a a a simulator instead AFISOs will be ready to start working the morning after the change To assist Avinor in in in this unique situation Entry Point North set up a a a a a 180° TWR simulator on-site at at Röros airport and in close cooperation with the customer developed 3D airport layout and simulator exercises Additionally Entry Point North provided its expertise in in in in structuring the training programme approved by the the Norwegian NSA which includes theoretical and and hands-on simulator training training culminating with unit training training endorsement for Aerodrome Flight Information Surveillance Officers Moreover Entry Point North offers its professional simulator pilot services throughout the training “Although performing OJT training in in in in in a a a a simulator instead of the actual working place is is still quite uncommon it it is is an efficient way of training - especially when the actual traffic is low or where there is no possibility to perform such training like in in in the the Röros case Among other benefits you can also simulate all types of traffic and situations that might not occur during the time of OJT such as as snow or emergencies We are pleased to support Avinor in in in this case” – says Anne Kathrine Jensen CEO of Entry Point North “I am very pleased with the work Entry Point North has done in all phases of the the project and very satisfied with the the efforts made to carry out the the assignment and overcome the the challenges in in connection with COVID-19”– says Henning Klouman Head of AFIS at Avinor AS ENTRY POINT NORTH PROVIDES SIMULATOR SERVICES FOR ON-THE-JOB TRAINING AT RÖROS AIRPORT IN IN IN NORWAY Credit: Entry Point North REMOTE RATING TRAINING – THE BIGGEST INNOVATION IN IN MODERN HISTORY OF CANI In February the CANI team was preparing a a a a a a presentation for WATM Congress 2020 titled “Training with Innovation” not knowing that the biggest innovation undertaking was awaiting them Due to the the the outbreak of the the the Covid-19 pandemic CANI did not get a a a a a chance to to present their innovative approach to to ATM training in in in Madrid however they decided to advance with innovations even more After two months of intensive development testing with partner Rose Simulation GmbH and connecting the Czech Republic Germany South Africa Switzerland and and Norway via the remote training platform CANI´s REMOTE Basic and APS/ ACS Rating Trainings is now approved by Czech CAA allowing the continuation of courses that were in in progress Credit: Entry Point North TRAINING AND SIMULATION \\ 11 

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