Page 3 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Training & Simulation 2022-01
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INTRODUCTION Welcome to the fourth edition of ATC Network’s Special Bulletin Series. For which we turn our attention to training and simulation post-covid and reflect on the difficulties during covid-19 pandemic. I hope you enjoy this issue. We have 2 more special bulletins planned for 2022: Meteorology and Sustainability. If you would like to contribute to these publications please get in touch.  Best Regards, Chris Wade CEO ATC Network CONTENTS 4 News Compiled by ATC Network 7 Learning and Training - An immediate and permanent shift for the EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre and its customers. By Hendrik (Rik) Dermont, 3  Editorial Team ATC Network Chris Wade Vicky Janse Javier Seisdedos Design Sander van Geest We Focus BV 10 20 EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre COVID-19 update on effects on ATC training and recovery By Chris Wade, ATC Network How to make the best out of a crisis - ATM training at MUAC during the pandemic By Andreas Sauerwein, EUROCONTROL MUAC | 01 | TRAINING & SIMULATION | 25 Thinking Validation By Colin Smith, Sarah Cavanagh & Jonathan Twigger, Think | 

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