Page 3 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Training & Simulation 2022-01
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Welcome to the fourth edition of ATC Network’s Special Bulletin Series. For which we turn our attention to training and simulation post-covid and reflect on the difficulties during covid-19 pandemic.
I hope you enjoy this issue.
We have 2 more special bulletins planned for 2022: Meteorology and Sustainability. If you would like to contribute to these publications please get in touch.
 Best Regards,
Chris Wade
CEO ATC Network
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7 Learning and Training - An immediate and permanent shift for the EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre and its customers. By Hendrik (Rik) Dermont,
 Editorial Team ATC Network Chris Wade Vicky Janse Javier Seisdedos
Sander van Geest
We Focus BV
10 20
EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre
COVID-19 update on effects on ATC training and recovery By Chris Wade, ATC Network
How to make the best out of a crisis - ATM training at MUAC during the pandemic
By Andreas Sauerwein, EUROCONTROL MUAC
25 Thinking Validation
By Colin Smith, Sarah Cavanagh & Jonathan Twigger, Think

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