Page 15 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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Graphic representation of the supervisor position Automatic planning tools support the supervisor in a remote tower center for the most efficient allocation of airports and air traffic service officers to each working position. The multiple remote tower concept offers a smart and sustainable solution for air traffic management. With it, an air traffic service officer’s workload can be better balanced, since no officer will be underused or overwhelmed with tasks. This contributes to safety and job satisfaction. And, of course, it increases the cost efficiency of smaller airports that are often connecting the most remote parts of Europe, providing them with an economic lifeline. | REMOTE & DIGITAL TOWERS | With the Multiple Remote Tower solution, European citizens and businesses can look forward to greater mobility and connectivity! The SESAR2020 project PJ05-W2 DTT “Digital Technologies for Tower” investigated such large Remote Tower Centers with “multiple” operations for their operational feasibility. A crucial role in such large Remote Tower Centers plays the supervisor position, who has the task to monitor and balance workload of the individual controllers. He or she ensures that controllers are neither under nor overloaded with work, something which is key to ensuring safety at the same time increasing job satisfaction. To cope with the increasing complexity of air traffic and the job of the controller, PJ05-W2 DTT project partners prototyped and tested planning tools as part of the solution PJ.05-W2-35 “Multiple Remote Tower and Remote Tower Centre”. “The supervisor planning tool helps me to overview complex information and it assists me to allocate optimally the controllers, 15  | 

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