Page 23 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Future Skies 2024
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“We will use the funds to continue our prototyping and hardware development work on the structure’s design and engine integration side and the aerodynamics,” he explains.
With an aircraft designed for 24 passengers, Chahine says the firm is in conversation with various airlines and other key stakeholders. “The cabin is a 2x2 seating configuration, and for the size of the aircraft it will be very nice and roomy. We see the technology having an impact on the regional market first. Our usable flight range excluding reserves is 1,000km. If you’re curious to know what that means, we have a route simulator on our website. You can click on an airport of your choice and it will show you where you could fly to in our aircraft.”
Still in a relatively early stage of development, Cosmic has not yet announced any partners or suppliers. “What I will say is there are many battery makers out there, and more and more are focusing on developing high energy density certifiable packs specifically for aviation that you can buy right off the shelf. There are some strategic implications there that we are considering.”
“We will not reinvent the wheel for things that we do not have to reinvent.”

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