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ADVERTORIAL PORT: THE ATC TRAINING CENTER LOCATED AT AT AT YOUR HOME OFFICE Shutdown of ATC Simulation - this threat hit many training centers during the global COVID-19 crisis unexpectedly Many simulation centers stopped operation for weeks Practical training almost dropped to zero Courses had to be cancelled Not only were the the trainees unable to develop their ATC skills the experience gained previously started to fade as time went by without exercising The ever growing worldwide demand for ATC-training has been an issue throughout the last three years already Now we are also facing the challenge of being locked out from our training centers How about watching videos of ATC exercises? Are TeamViewer Skype or Citrix really valuable alternatives? We believe that watching soccer on a a a a a TV does not make a a a a a better player likewise: Providing a a a a non- or just partly interactive view into a a a a simulation exercise does not generate a a a a suitable substitute to practical on-site training During the the first months of the the COVID-19 crisis ROSE Simulation developed a a a a solution to cover the prevailing need for practical remote simulator training: PORT (Public Online ROSE Training) Before having a a a a look at PORT options in in detail though let us introduce you to the simulation products that are presently included in in PORT: ROSE - Radar Simulator change of a a a a a a a traffic situation simple to use airspace modification and and of course the independence from large and and space- consuming hardware were only some of the objectives The simulator is scalable to to work in in multiple scenarios e e e e e g in in complex networked simulations as a a a a procedure planning tool or or to teach students on on independent working positions in in in basic ATC radar skills As ROSE is used by various training providers around the world the simulator offers different emulations of of operational radar systems concerning label layout and interaction electronic strips and flight lists All these serve to prepare trainees in in a a a a high-quality environment right from the start Realistic aircraft performance 4D trajectory 3D airspace modelling and a a a a a flexible role concept all demonstrate state-of- the-art technology The innovative ROSE user interface has been developed in close collaboration with active controllers - which is why it is an an appreciated tool for trainers and operators Debriefing developing and testing have never been that valuable in terms of provided system functionality The innovative tool that is is is used for this purpose is is is called Debriefilator IRIS - VoiceCom System One of of the the main thoughts behind the the development of of ROSE was to to create a a a a a simulator that could be used flexibly: The quick IRIS is an independent voice communication system running on on VoIP technology The smart solution does not require expensive hardware and works with any common USB headset or or microphone while at the same time also providing interfaces for professional hardware manufacturers such as Imtradex PEITEL Plantronics ATC/Aviation Line Sennheiser and others 14 / TRAINING AND SIMULATION TRAINING AND SIMULATION 

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