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IRIS is designed to to work on a a a a touch input device as as well as as a a a a desktop app The multi-role concept enables a a a single user to to assume different roles from one position e e e e e e e e g a a supervisor fire brigade or or or airport authority all at the same time The configuration of the layout is completely customizable There are numerous possibilities to design the the size of the the application as as well as as the position and display of each layout element (telephone buttons radio frequencies message queue and more) The included layout editor allows the definition of hundreds of different telephone roles radio frequencies – all in all: the HMI of any voice communication solution can be recreated in IRIS Remote Training via PORT PORT offers all possibilities to upload your exercise data airspaces and interface configuration to use it in in in a a a a a a defined training group Any PORT training session may include ROSE (Radar Simulator) and IRIS (VoiceCom System) or either of them as a a a single application Coaching ATC simulations remotely comes with a a a a plethora of challenges like how how to to follow the trainee’s actions or how how to to listen to the trainee’s radio and telephone activities - without being physically present To meet the challenges of a a a a a a remote training situation valuable coaching features have been developed for the PORT simulation solutions: The PORT version of of ROSE offers the possibility to connect to the the trainee’s screen and see their radar picture independent from screen size or resolution No additional streaming software is is is required: This feature is is is integrated directly into the ROSE simulator Coaches will see the trainee’s mouse follow every single movement & input (“mouse-follows-eyes” principle) and may highlight certain spots on the the trainee’s radar with the the “laser- pointer-feature” The PORT version of IRIS has been enriched with various options to meet and communicate with other coaches trainees and pilots in in virtual IRIS conference rooms rooms Using these rooms rooms briefing briefing & debriefing can be conducted remotely During a a simulation you may enable the the “monitor-the-trainee” feature to to listen to any audio transmission your trainee receives or sends During the last months we have successfully tested PORT with our partners from Austrocontrol Skyguide SkySoft-ATM CANI GAL ANS and INGENAV whose staff at at that time had been working in in in home offices The stunning results provided proof of of of the concept Stay tuned for the integration of our voice recognition module which is currently under development It will be implemented into the PORT solution to to enable independent training for basic ATC radar skills We are ready for remote simulation how about you? For more details or or or a a a trial period please get in contact with us Sim you soon your ROSE Team Both simulation solutions - - ROSE and IRIS - - are available with their complete respective range of simulation functionality via the PORT server PORT is Public: The solution is available to to anyone who has access to to the internet a a a a a Windows computer a a a a a headset and a a a a a login code Via PORT the well-proven solutions of ROSE Simulation are accessible from your home office PORT ROSE and IRIS do not depend on expensive hardware but use the power of your computer in in a a stunningly economic way PORT is Online: Download the “Public Online ROSE Training“ package and become part of a a a a a global simulation network No matter where you are just connect to the PORT server and start training with colleagues from all over the world right right here - right right now PORT is ROSE-like: The philosophy of all ROSE Simulation products is the simplicity of setup and use PORT turns your computer into a a simulation center Different from other limited remote-desktop technology PORT simulation software runs locally on on your PC This allows interaction with a a a a a a a a radar training scenario and voice communication interface remotely and without delay PORT is Training: You will experience radar simulation and voice communication together with simulation pilots trainers and ATC-trainees worldwide just as you you are used to in in in your local training facility Contact: Website: Email: Phone: Address: ROSE Simulation www rose-simulation com info@rose-simulation com +49 (0) 9374 - 9797560 Am Steinig 1 63863 Eschau Germany TRAINING AND SIMULATION TRAINING AND SIMULATION \\ 15 

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