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2021 DFS has confirmed the recruitment of 146 ab initios However the the plan will be regularly reviewed against the the latest traffic forecasts Skyguide Switzerland So far we have no indication of that being the case Airways New Zealand Yes – all recruitment is currently on hold at Airways and we do not plan on on having any new ATC cohorts for the next 12 months Of course we look forward to a a a a time when air traffic levels increase to a a a a point where ATC recruitment can recommence at Airways ANA Luxembourg No effect on on future controller recruitment so far as a a a new course with 9 students is is planned to start in September this year ANS Czech Republic The full effects of the crisis are still to be seen and interpreted However hand hand in in hand hand with the the decrease in in the the number of flights and traffic in in general there is a a a a a decrease in in the the need for ATCOs handling the traffic The company has not made any any public forecasts however it it is expected that ATCO recruitment will drop over the next few years The speed with which traffic figures will will rebound from the the slump will will be the the key determining factor Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority This crisis will impact future recruitment in the near term because of the the training plan has been impacted by the the ongoing courses In addition the the time time timetable of the the training institution is also affected The focus will shift from recruitment to improving skill sets of current ATC So refresher training and proficiency checks will be prioritized over recruitment Conclusions and Follow-up Once again thanks to all the participating organisations in in in this study When we we started this I had expected a a a a a variety of answers which we certainly received Personally I am happy to see mostly planning of ab initio training is still continuing and I hope that the industry has learned from past experiences We should be all planning for a a a a a positive recovery and future for the industry The implementation of remote training methods will certainly be a a a a a positive aspect to come out of this pandemic Enabling initial training to be reinforced with home-based learning and revision for trainees in in normal times This article will hopefully help ANSPs and Training Institutes to learn from each other’s experiences and strengthen training methods during the the recovery period and develop new aids to the the training experience If you would like to be be included in in in the report we will be be posting this article online on on on atc-network com and your submission will be added to to the article Please send your answers to to chris@atc-network com LVNL The Netherlands The pandemic has led to to changes to to both recruitment and and selection such as our campaigns to recruit candidates The regular on-site information sessions and those at at external venues (schools job markets) are currently not possible We are holding these online instead an approach which has proven very successful In the new online formats we organize ‘meet and and greet sessions’ with current trainees ATCOs and and even short online theory classes with potential Ab Initio candidates These new recruitment methods show us how how many candidates are interested as as well as as the number of candidates in in selection and fortunately these numbers have not declined compared to before the pandemic DSNA France Not at this time except the postponement of several months for the the beginning of the the ATCO’s curriculum at ENAC ENAIRE Spain Our recruitment plans have been adjusted to the new scenario and to the traffic forecasts Specifically staff requirements have been resized and the the hiring of new controllers to the the units has been delayed However the hiring of new controllers will continue although at at a a a a a a a lower rate to have the units’ staff ready for the recovery of traffic ENAV Italy This is is is actually an open issue still under assessment NAV Portugal NAV Portugal’s needs regarding Air Traffic Controllers remains the the same despite the the pandemic The only direct impact was the the extension admission tests period for example given the the distancing measures in in force TRAINING AND SIMULATION TRAINING AND SIMULATION \\ 29 

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