Page 30 - ATC Special Bulletin 2020 Issue 1
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“ The conference reviews current methods and shares expert opinion on on recruitment practices for the future air traffic control workplace ” challenges by reducing job security and lessening the prospect of high IMPRESSUM Editor: FABEC ComCell Design: Publium SA Status: September 2020 www FABEC eu © photo: Fabec attract young and able recruits into the profession in in the post-COVID-19 environment AIMS OF THE CONFERENCE Air traffic control training is is characterised by high cost and long lead times which makes recruitment espe- cially important to to ensuring suitable students apply to to join the the industry However attracting young talent to the the business has become more challenging as as rival indus- tries compete for similar skills Aviation is falling behind emerging fast-moving sectors in in in in in attracting new entrants and risks losing its appeal against a a a a a a a growing number of career alternatives The issue is is com- pounded by the need to to bring new digital skill sets to to air traffic control operations and to counter negative envi- ronmental sentiment The conference examines different current employer branding trends and and recruitment strategies used by air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and shares lessons learned from across the industry It takes an in-depth look at at programmes and techniques that dif- ferent ANSPs are developing to reach specific target groups and looks at at different media platforms Keynote speakers from outside the the industry will share their expertise in human resource management The topics include young candidates’ career expectations before and and after COVID-19 and and the values attached to sustain- RECRPUNICTTIUNALGITYIN A A A CHANGING ENVIRONMENTENVIRONMENT Make sure you don’t miss the interFAB online conference on on recruitment of of the future generation of of air traffic control professionals hosted by FABEC on on on 17 November S T C PREDICTABILITYAFETY encouraging a a a a a a new generation to follow a a a a a a career in in air traffic control and will share expert opinion from across the industry COVID-19 has added to recruitment 2020 The one-day conference will explore ways of CAPACITYRAINING industries continue to attract a a a rising share of digital talent undermining air traffic control industry efforts to replace an ageing workforce Avoiding the controller shortfall that occurred rewards At the same time high-tech OPERATIONSOST-EFF recruitment techniques and target groups in order to after the 2009 recession calls for close examination of PUNCTUALITY ENVIRON OPERATIONS COST-EF ability and and ethical behaviour and and how this contributes to building a a a a strong employer brand Finally delegates will hear first-hand from a a a a student about their recruitment experience Attracting young IT expertise and digital talent into air traffic control will help to build Europe’s Digital Sky initiative and manage future traffic growth The con- ference provides a a a a forum to learn about best practise and and and potential employer branding and and and recruitment strategies PREDICTABILITY CAPACITY REGISTRATION SAFETY TRAINING The conference features presentations and open dis- cussions to encourage the exchange of views across different industry sectors Attendance is free of charge For registration please go to FABEC eu 

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