Page 13 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Training & Simulation 2022-01
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EUROCONTROL We are continuously working on improving our training and finding innovative solutions. COVID-19 acted as a catalyst in certain areas and helped us deliver training in a more autonomous way in some respects. We are currently working on more intelligent simulation solutions that can be applied more flexibly to suit individual needs. The experience we have gained from dealing with remote operations is something we can definitely put to good use in the future: simulation pilots, coaches or trainees can work from home or in a remote location and thereby avoid being affected by pandemic-like situations. With more autonomous simulator features, such as the use of speech synthesis and faster generation of exercises, as well as a system that is able to give automatic initial feedback to a trainee, we can also push certain visions forward. We have used the opportunity of the COVID-19 crisis both for the technical developments mentioned above and to make our training more robust. As simple as it may sound to define a clear learning curve, it is much more complex to implement in practical terms, but we have overcome this hurdle. This means that we have examined the individual steps and phases of training to see what is necessary at the lower end of the curve in order to make progress and, on the other hand, what is still relevant at the upper end. Applying this logic stringently throughout training is a pretty major and lengthy task. 13  © LVNL | 01 | TRAINING & SIMULATION | | 

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