Page 17 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Training & Simulation 2022-01
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 An Airways Training instructor teaches a virtual course via the Airways Knowledge Online virtual academy © AIRWAYS the individual controllers. The minimum number of hours to be worked was closely monitored by this group and reported back to the duty roster office (if required) via a special mechanism. Air traffic controllers who wished to experience medium or high volumes of traffic again were able to refresh the necessary skills at short notice in higher traffic simulations, which continued to be available for this purpose. Given that the traffic has gradually returned and has been much closer to pre-pandemic levels again since March/April 2022, these questions are no longer on the table for the time being. The period of very low traffic was short and the transition from low to high volume traffic was gradual, as such adjustments were achieved naturally. LVNL has accommodated additional refresher training for the ATCO’s to maintain their skills at higher traffic volumes. The additional refresher training is gradually reduced again with the increase of the live traffic. Further, a risk mitigation scheme has been actively managed by Operations management to mitigate any risks associated with the increase in traffic levels. This includes amongst other things temporary operational restrictions for specific parts of the operation. As we envisioned that coming back from a low-volume period to higher levels of traffic could cause some problems, we decided to increase training sessions for our ATCOs during the pandemic to keep currency high. JCAA ANS (JAMAICA) LVNL SKYGUIDE | 01 | TRAINING & SIMULATION | 17 | 

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