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16 DFS In Spring 2021, right before traffic levels started to increase for the first time, DFS developed the DFS Recovery Plan. The aim of this plan was to provide a toolbox for DFS area control centres (ACCs) to be prepared for the recovery phase and to ensure a safe and smooth handling of the increasing amount of traffic, avoiding overload situations for the air traffic controllers. The toolbox comprised measures focussing on the areas of safety, capacity, proficiency, staffing and training. Based on the overall DFS Recovery Plan the ACCs were able to identify and apply those measures which were most appropriated to mitigate their specific challenges. EUROCONTROL With the improvement of our simulation systems and the implementation of various prototypes, such as the automatic reaction of the system to user input, the generation of audio feedback (a virtual pilot) and the previously mentioned learning curve, and thus the ability to structurally deliver specific exercises, we have been able to facilitate such a transition. It is important to mention that the technical systems, in this case the simulators, only took over part of this task, because there were still some volumes of traffic that could be used to maintain the endorsements. The role of the competence assessors and their sense of responsibility were also essential. In particular, the competence assessors were involved in keeping a watchful eye on the work of  | SPECIAL BULLETIN SERIES | 2022 | © LVNL | 

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