Page 11 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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eCoach simulator at Avinor | REMOTE & DIGITAL TOWERS | supplemented with ADS and WAM (Wide Area Multilateration) as real life. Voice Communication (VCS) is of course integrated. The system is based on Edda Systems’ Cloud simulation technology, enabling remote simulator operations to/from any location, utilizing state of the art secure internet connections. Simulator pilot working positions are installed both locally in Bodø, and remotely at Værnes, 460 km away. This enables Avinor’s expert simulator pilots to perform remote piloting and training from their central location at Værnes, and still offers local resources in Bodø for demonstrations, evaluations, testing, as well as regular exercise piloting – together with Værnes in the same exercise, if needed. To save space in the live operations centre, a smaller HUD solution is also installed, with three landscape mounted monitors (lab illustration on the next page) instead of the 10 in portrait mode. This provides approximately the same HUD aspect ratio to the user, and still covers 360 degrees. Other than this, the suite is identical to the other Remote Tower working positions. Local resources for exercise management, configuration, and piloting make this an effective environment – eCoach also allows piloting functionalities to be enabled in the controller position, and vice versa. Supervisor functions include a dedicated solution for efficient multi-sites, remote piloting simulations via the Cloud. “The efficiency of the eCoach simulator is vital for the progress of our training program”, says Pål Oppegård, training manager for Remote Towers. 11 |  © Edda Systems 

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