Page 12 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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 12 eCoach simulator with the smaller HUD setup A specific research suite for Remote Towers is included with the eCoach simulator, allowing the customer to experiment with e.g., the placement of the 3D airport camera location for a future Remote Tower, including visual enhancements. It also allows easy exploration of multi-mode HUD setups – i.e., several airports presented in one working position, including VCS setup. The delivered eCoach simulator supports multi-mode operations as specified in earlier years. This is now revised as part of the SESAR program. The conclusions from this work will be implemented in the simulator, to be ready for formal training from the summer of 2023. “The eCoach procurement ensures a modern simulation capacity in the Bodø Remote Tower Centre, including simultaneous operations across multiple airports from the same working position”, says Mr. Jan Østby, Avinor’s manager for the Remote Towers program. “It is an important piece in achieving the effectiveness of our Remote Towers investments.” | SPECIAL BULLETIN SERIES | 2023 |  © Edda Systems | 

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