Page 43 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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 © Victor Kroot, Seba Rsk, NACO | REMOTE & DIGITAL TOWERS | THE DIGITAL TOWER – EMPOWERING HUMAN INSTINCT WITH DIGITAL INNOVATION 43 At NACO, we are prepared for the future of air traffic control – with a more sustainable answer that marries the innovation of digital towers with the aesthetics of traditional towers. All while addressing the concerns of infrastructure and remote operation insecurities. The concepts of NACO’s airport architects perfectly illustrate the revolutionary potential of remote, virtual towers, while complimenting the airport skyline. Alongside a design-led approach, we’re challenging the current definition of digital towers – removing the categorisation of ‘single’ or ‘multiple’ mode applications. In doing so small, single runway airports, and larger, multi-runway airports, should both be able to utilise this technology – and that they could even do it together. Finally, a promising solution is to place ATM officers, removed from a physical tower, within airport sites. So that digitally enhanced ATC services can be powered by the established and tested airport operators, communications, and other infrastructure. This not only removes potential instability, and the bandwidth required for a truly ‘remote’ set-up, it also opens opportunities for greater collaboration if the teams are housed in proximity to localised aviation services. | 

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