Page 45 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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  CONVERGENCE, CONVERGENCE, COLLABORATION COLLABORATION AND A COMMON AND A COMMON TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: PLATFORM: FUTURE PROOFING FUTURE PROOFING SEAMLESS AIRPORT SEAMLESS AIRPORT OPERATIONS OPERATIONS By Steve Hathway, Director, Product Management, Searidge Technologies Since early 2022, arrivals and departures at Hong Kong International Airport have benefited from the adoption of pioneering digital technology by the airport authority and its partners. In a visionary move, the team at HKIA is engineering a digital transformation that opens up a whole new way of working centered around access to common data, through a single technology platform. The benefits permeate across all operational areas in terms of safety, efficiency, predictability, and commercial performance, providing a template for other large and complex hub airports seeking to streamline airport and air traffic control operations. Initially developed to support Hong Kong’s complex transition to a three-runway system, the infrastructure has evolved into a key decision-making tool for operators, service providers and users. Advanced digital technology has steadily taken the place of conventional systems to drive a convergence between airport/ airside and tower operations, merging previously separate processes. Behind this collaborative ecosystem is a digital platform designed and developed by Searidge Technologies to support multiple applications and underpin future development. The backbone of the Searidge Platform consists of non-proprietary components, making it an ecosystem that emphasizes openness and minimizes data silos and vendor lock- 45 | REMOTE & DIGITAL TOWERS | ADVERTORIAL |  | 

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