Page 53 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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| REMOTE & DIGITAL TOWERS | © EANS - Estonia The works on remote tower implementation started in 2016 with the aim to digitalize the air traffic services of four regional airports in Estonia - Tartu, Kuressaare, Pärnu, Kärdla. In 2022, system had already been installed to Kuressaare and Tartu airports. Both airports will go operational in 2023 from Remote Tower Centre located in Tallinn, Estonian capital. The work is ongoing to start the development of next version, multiple remote tower solution between the two partners. “REVAL” the new Remote Air Traffic Services System is a newly developed technology enabling provision of air navigation service from a remote center where all the relevant visual information is presented, whereby radiocommunication and control over necessary airport systems is made available to air traffic controllers with the help of video- audio system. The Remote Tower technology allows EANS to provide air traffic services at several airports simultaneously from a single centre in a significantly more flexible way, ensuring a safe and high- quality service regardless of weather conditions. DFS - Germany As one of the pioneers of remote tower control (RTC), DFS has been successfully operating its RTC Centre in Leipzig in the east of Germany for several years. Remote tower control from Leipzig Saarbrücken International Airport was the first airport to be controlled from the RTC Centre located 450 km away. Having started operations in 2018, Saarbrücken was also one of the first 53 |  

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