Page 55 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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| REMOTE & DIGITAL TOWERS | Sharing know-how worldwide The experience and broad know-how in RTC operations enables DFS Group to generate value for other ANSPs in the world. For this DFS and technology provider Frequentis have set up a joint venture, Frequentis DFS Aerosense \[page 30\], to provide consulting and development of remote tower concepts and systems to other organisations. ROMATSA - Romania The first airport built in Romania in 50 years, located in the mountain area of Brasov, is planned to be operational this summer. With a view to the future of air navigation service provision, in line with the latest developments in the field in terms of digitalization and virtualization, based on the analysis done in partnership with EUROCONTROL, the Romanian Air Navigation Service Provider (ROMATSA) chose for Brasov the remote virtual tower solution. It is a premiere implementation for Romania and one of the few in the world. Nothing new in the fact that the remote tower is located about 450 km away from Brasov, respectively in Arad. The novelty of the project is that, comparing it to other remote tower implementations, where there was a transition from the classical to the remote solutions, in Brasov everything is new: we have a brand new airport and a new ATS Unit. The innovative implementation put at the same table all the project stakeholders: Brasov County (the main project investor), the integrator (UTI CFM) ensuring the interface with the equipment and systems providers (Thales, SAAB, Rohde Schwarz), ROMATSA and the Romanian CAA. As Niclas Gustavsson (SAAB Vice President Products and Services) commented in Brasov last week, “this is the fastest remote tower project implementation. About one year ago it was agreed to proceed with it and now we are close to the start of the operations.” ( ) “All stakeholders are working against the clock as a team, having an ambitious implementation calendar since our target is to start operations this summer” said Andreea Strat (Head of ATM Systems Unit, Operational Department, Brasov Project Manager at ROMATSA). For ROMATSA this is a project for the future. Brasov only represents the first step, as the aim is to extend the concept to other existing towers through the implementation of RTC. 55 | 

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