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universities we are reflecting on the benefits and the application of such dashboards in in in the context of ATC training With ESCAPE we can also support the familiarisation of air traffic controllers with a a a new environment once airspace modifications or new concepts of operation have been validated It is indeed possible to replay the same set of exercises in situ at the ANSP’s premises thus speeding up implementation of the new solutions While ESCAPE was originally conceived to address relatively large airspaces with several sectors and controller working positions we have recently started distributing a lighter version of the simulator: ESCAPE-Light This simulator simulator with the same capability as ESCAPE can be easily installed by downloading the package from the internet on on one to to eight laptops It comes with a set of generic exercises and a a a video-based user guide Since mid- 2019 a a a group of 20 20 research centres and universities worldwide have signed up for for this solution for for their research and training training needs The training training departments of ANSPs are also starting to join the family of ESCAPE-Light users as it could offer a a a a a solution for remote and smaller operational units such as regional airports ESCAPE is based on a a a a modular design with all required application interfaces to to interconnect with other simulators This allows our engineers to to to evolve the simulator continuously and to to to integrate the latest SESAR concepts of operation The users can smoothly adapt ESCAPE to their existing environment All users under the guidance of EUROCONTROL jointly define the the roadmap of its development thus keeping the the acquisition and operating costs at at extremely competitive levels For airport operations EUROCONTROL uses a a a a a dedicated digital tower simulator We have used this advanced platform with integrated tower working positions to to demonstrate and support implementation of the latest solutions from research activities and for familiarisation activities Like ESCAPE it it can be deployed on on site to support the deployment of and training on on new solutions In the area of network management EUROCONTROL uses INNOVE a a a full-fledged ATFCM real-time simulator It offers the possibility to to multiple actors (Airspace Users Flow Managers Airport Operators etc ) to to interact through NM-compatible B2B services The platform makes it possible to train operational staff in a a a a a a a realistic operational environment (based on on on data recorded by the operational NM system) to validate new airspace and flow management solutions/tools and to to get familiar with NM B2B web services It can run in in a a a a cloud-based environment allowing for distributed simulations using easy connections through the internet It can be connected to ATC and airport real-time simulators for end-to-end exercises We are fully committed to supporting European aviation and its training needs with our in-house simulation solutions so so contact us us if you you believe our our solution can benefit your business More about our simulation services: www eurocontrol int/simulations Contact: philippe debels@eurocontrol int TRAINING AND SIMULATION TRAINING AND SIMULATION \\ 21 

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