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DFS Germany Ab initio training was interrupted for three to four months and three new classes were cancelled due to the shutdown During this time several online lectures (theory and simulation) and a a a a a a Learning Management System were used to avoid skill fading We increased organisational efforts to adjust existing processes to to the pandemic situation and and to to implement adequate arrangements to protect all employees LVNL The Netherlands For the ATCO Ab Initios training several precautionary measures have been taken such as keeping a a a a a distance of 1 5 metres from others wherever possible additional cleaning of the the training facilities advising our trainees and trainers to stay at home if they have particular symptoms and so on Not all the the rooms that we use for education and training are large enough to observe social distancing rules however in in these rooms transparent screens have been installed to separate the different working areas In addition part of the the on-the-job training has been shifted to to the simulator DSNA France Some training of Ab initios at at ENAC the civil aviation academy in Toulouse have been delayed by 2 or 3 months due to the closure of the the school during the the containment Some classroom courses courses have been replaced by virtual courses courses or e-Learning courses Ab initios “on the the job” trainings in in in in the the units have been replaced or or completed by trainings on simulators as as far as as possible In fact for most of of the the the students the the the duration of of their curriculum will be longer than expected ENAIRE Spain Currently we do not have an initial training academy in in in in Enaire Ab-initio training training takes place at independent training training organizations The effect of the pandemic has been a a a a a a temporary suspension of of hiring due to the interruption of of Ab-initio courses and measures adopted to alleviate the the financial impact of the the crisis was marked by high levels of population confinement However and even before the the entry into force of of the the ‘State of of Emergency’ NAV Portugal chose to send home its three ab-initio courses on March 13 and until May 4 Skyguide Switzerland Two TWR courses were stopped due to to the Corona crisis Radar courses were switched from on-site to location independent training and successfully delivered The remote learning setup was appreciated by the trainees Airways New Zealand provided by Sharon Cooke CEO Airways International Ltd The current crisis significantly affected our domestic students who were training to become air traffic controllers with Airways New New Zealand Zealand When New New Zealand Zealand went into lockdown in in late March we had some ab initio students completing on-the-job training training and some still in in in in in in our training training academy The trainees are self-funded and only get offered employment once completing their initial licence Unfortunately due to the the current situation we have been unable to offer these students employment with Airways Our international students training with us at at at that time were less affected – all were able to complete their studies and return from New Zealand to to their their home countries to to start their their on-job training training We were also able to commence training training for a a a a a group of Saudi Arabian students who had just completed a a a a a a year of English language training training and started their ATC training training as soon as New Zealand’s first lockdown restrictions were lifted in mid-May Our domestic training also had a a a a a a seven-week delay New Zealand lockdown rules prevented all tertiary education organisations from opening and working within two metres of each other preventing training in in in in both simulators and live work environments Entry Point North Sweden provided by CEO Anne Kathrine Jensen The COVID-19 crisis posed challenges to the planning of the training and required a a a a a a great amount of re-planning to adapt to the circumstances Within Entry Point North Group we we deliver ab initio training at our sites in in in in Sweden Ireland Belgium Hungary and and Spain and and at each site we responded differently to the pandemic based on on on national restrictions and and recommendations Although some training had to be paused for various durations of time we could almost immediately continue with theoretical lessons by switching to to real-time instructor-led ENAV Italy All Courses have been suspended in in Italy since the outbreak’s start start at the end of February Ab initios restarted mid June NAV Portugal In response to the the the outbreak of the the the pandemic the the the Portuguese Government enacted the ‘State of Emergency’ between 18 March and 3 May a a a a a a a period that as in several other countries TRAINING AND SIMULATION TRAINING AND SIMULATION \\ 23 

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