Page 7 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Training & Simulation 2022-01
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 LEARNING AND TRAINING LEARNING AND TRAINING AN IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT SHIFT FOR AN IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT SHIFT FOR THE EUROCONTROL AVIATION LEARNING CENTRE THE EUROCONTROL AVIATION LEARNING CENTRE AND ITS CUSTOMERS. AND ITS CUSTOMERS.  By Hendrik (Rik) Dermont, EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre A new start as the EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre © EUROCONTROL 7 In early 2022, as part of the EUROCONTROL strategy to support European aviation, the EUROCONTROL Luxembourg based site rebranded as the EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre (ALC). This rebranding is the result of the on-going modernisation of the EUROCONTROL Agency as well as the evolution of the training centre over the last two years. The new name emphasises the ambition for the ALC to function as “a state- of-the-art multichannel learning centre providing services to EUROCONTROL Member States and across the world”, with an ever-evolving portfolio including new training courses on Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, drones and environmental sustainability. The rebranding reflects the ALC’s ongoing shift to a wider aviation spectrum supporting all aspects of aviation, and putting forward “a specific emphasis on learning, on adding value to its customers and stakeholders by raising their technical skills and competences. The rebranding comes with a strategy of increasing cost- efficiency and enhancing value to its aviation customers. In the coming five years, the ALC will further adapt its course portfolio to support the EUROCONTROL Network Manager and its various stakeholders with a wide range of training, both in- person and online, for Air Navigation Service Providers, State authorities, airports, airlines and industry. | 01 | TRAINING & SIMULATION | | 

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