Page 8 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Training & Simulation 2022-01
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8 A MULTI-CHANNEL PORTFOLIO ALC is putting in place a multi-channel strategy to cater for a wider range of clients and increased product range. The future portfolio is a mix of classroom teaching, on-line training, webinars and e-learning. These different channels offer more choice to the customers. The value of face-to-face classroom courses offers a good basis for networking and is essential for practical training. On-line courses and webinars help to broaden the participant base and serve customers both in Europe and globally. Multi-channel learning will help to deliver sustainable services whilst also reducing cost and growing revenue. A significant factor behind the success of the transition strategy is ALC’s digitisation programme which began several years ago. Before COVID, the Centre had already started digitised course documentation and feedback processes. The back-office with the recently renamed Learning Zone was already completely based on digital processes and for many years, Training/Learning Zone had been the single access point for customers and their organisation. So when COVID broke out, the Centre was able to react very swiftly, accelerating the digital transformation that was already underway. In March 2020, within a time span of a few weeks, the traditional operating model, offering classroom training, had been replaced by the provision of online courses and webinars.     FUTURE ALC is still refining the model. Over the coming years, the portfolio needs to be re-visited to optimise lessons learnt from the past years and to take advantage of the multi-channel capacity. Part of this work is the development of new products blending the different channels. Part of this exercise is to identify partners in order to explore the possibilities for an increased product range and to investigate on new market segments. By reaching specific customers such as airline pilots and bringing them targeted courses on a specific | SPECIAL BULLETIN SERIES | 2022 | | 

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