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Welcome to the latest in our series of Special Bulletin magazines. In which we will focus on the area of Meteorology. Meteorology has always been a large factor in aviation. Pilots and controllers are both trained in understanding weather systems and phenomena as part of their initial training.
In recent times with the effects of global warming we are seeing more and more the negative influence that weather events can have on the efficient operations of air traffic.
In our opening article from Eurocontrol you can read how effects of global warming will increase the risks of further disruptive meteorological events.
We hope you enjoy this ‘Special Bulletin’ and would like to thank all the organisations and professionals who have contributed.
Chris Wade
CEO ATC Network
Editorial Team ATC Network Chris Wade Vicky Janse Aino Essers
Sander van Geest
We Focus BV
8 Climate Change Risks for European Aviation By Marylin Bastin,
EUROCONTROL’s Head of Sustainability
12 Advanced Aviation Weather Decision Support System - Why is the system useful? By Ivana Bartoková, meteorologist, MicroStep-MIS [Advertorial]
16 A new dawn for weather-resilient air traffic management
By Luca Crecco, ATM expert, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking
4 News
Compiled by ATC Network

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