Page 5 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Meteorology 2022-01
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Our sky imagers are robust and low-maintenance instruments. The Sky InSightTM has been tested by several European airport operators. From a single instrument, a 360° panoramic view of the airport surroundings is retrieved every 30 seconds, facilitating the remote visualisation of the sky and automated cloud retrieval, thus helping remote operators make the right decisions.
Brindisi Airport © ENAV
AFIS expansion by SITTI
o Vilhena
o SãoJosé da Cacheira o Tiriós
o Guajará-mirim
o Tabatinga
Brazil has an huge number of small airports with reduced traffic flow, where AFIS service (Aerodrome Flight Information Service) is provided. With the aim of granting an integrated and cost-effective service, several AFIS operations has been centralized in CINDACTA centres.
The project includes enhancements at the following locations:
• CINDACTA I (Brasilia)
o Barbacena
• CINDACTA II (Curitiba)
o Corumbá
o Uruguaiana
o Fernando de Noronha • CINDACTA IV (Manaus)
o Oiapoque
As part of this expansion project, SITTI is supplying its MTF800 Integrated Information System, an advanced solution that allows the integration, in a single 24” touch panel, of audio management, electronic strips, meteorology and cameras applications.
The MTF800 Integrated Information System

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