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Reuniwatt is a leading cloud observation and cloud cover forecasting expert with a strong focus on R&D. For over a decade, we have been developing, manufacturing, providing, and operating patented sky imagers, as well as added-value services. Our customers include international airports, defence & space specialists, as well as research institutions.
The images provided by Reuniwatt’s sky imagers are an outstanding tool for obtaining information
about the cloud cover at a specific location. The patented sky camera Sky InSightTM provides you with cloud cover forecasts up to 30 minutes ahead, as well as a number of cloud parameters. Users can collect information on the altitude and optical thickness of the clouds, and therefore classify them based on their characteristics. These imagers can also be used in combination with other instruments’ measurements. Using infrared imaging enables the Sky InSightTM to operate 24/7 and to overcome issues related to optical brightness and contrast variations, which allows for a steady performance in every
condition (dawn, sunset, storms...).
One goal our sky imagers help achieve is forecasting the impact of condensation trails – so-called contrails. The ongoing French-German research project “CONTRAILS – Contrails in the Climate System: from Observation to Impact Modelling and Prediction” uses Reuniwatt’s best-in-class sky imagers for visible and infrared wavelengths for contrail detection. With the cooperation of the German Weather Service DWD (DE), Thalès Research & Technology (FR), Reuniwatt SAS (FR), and Laboratoire atmosphères, milieux, observations spatiales – LATMOS – (FR), the project aims at providing tools to monitor the climate impact of contrails.
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