Page 22 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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 OPERATIONAL OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE FOR EXCELLENCE FOR REMOTE DIGITAL TOWER REMOTE DIGITAL TOWER © DFS 22 Remote Tower and Remote Digital Tower or Virtual tower solutions is an increasing part in the ATM industry. Since several years there are trials and first implementation leading the way to a tremendous growth of RT and RDT implementations all over the globe. The communication remains the same, if you are in a Remote Tower / Remote Digital Tower or on site. It is a safety factor, and the right tools are key for a successful implementation and usage. IMTRADEX and its AirTalk® family provides a full series of communication devices for the ATM environment and with the latest development the AirTalk® PTT-19 Dual also a very specific product for use in Remote Tower and Remote Digital Tower environments. The AirTalk® headset series is designed for use in the aviation sector. With more than 30+ years’ experience and dedication for specific developments for the ATM market it is one of the leading headsets and the choice for many of the worlds leading ANSP’s as well as the standard headset for major VCS manufacturer. In combination with the right choice of PTT button the headsets provide a full set of features for the daily use and supports the ATCO as best as it can. The long life of the products also provides a great return-on-investment option. The flexibility is key for IMTRADEX. | SPECIAL BULLETIN SERIES | 2023 | | 

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