Page 23 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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Ergonomic IMTRADEX PTT-19 Dual The major question regarding the communication in the remote operations is the way the existing behaviour could be transferred to a remote work position, i.e., the usage of a two button microphone. Usually, the remote workplace is equipped with a headset like the ATCO in a centre environment. The two buttons from the on-site tower are used for two ways of communication straight with the use of the microphone. Based on the well-shaped, ergonomic PTT-19 IMTRADEX started to adapt the single PTT button to the needs of the remote operations. IMTRADEX created the PTT-19 Dual version for use at remote working positions. It allows the user to communicate from the palm of your hand with two different channels just at a press of the button. The buttons can be equipped with some safety features like a haptic marking on the PTT itself to feel the difference of the buttons or a safety bulge in-between to have a haptic barrier. For visual difference the buttons are coloured differently. In combination with the AirTalk® 5000 binaural version, the ATCO can have instant communication with two channels. The usability is key. The new dual PTT is not limited to the use in remote digital towers, it can also be used for other critical communication areas, just like Black/Red operations. But it is not only the operations side, which needs to be looked at. Also, the simulation and training is a critical point for the ANSP’s and its ATCO’s. The remote digital tower is a demanding area, controlling not only one airport needs to be trained. For providing a seamless integration of headsets from training and AirTalk® Dongle concept | REMOTE & DIGITAL TOWERS | ADVERTORIAL | 23  |  

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