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24 simulation to the operational side IMTRADEX has two ways. First of all, since nearly ten years they have a dedicated USB development providing the AirTalk® with USB technology. All the PTT buttons can be also ordered with USB inside and can be connected to a wide field of training and simulation provider. If it is not integrated so far, it can easily be done. On the other hand, the latest development is the AirTalk® dongle concept. The AirTalk® dongle provide a seamless usability for the operational headset to be used at the simulator. This opportunity provides certain great advantages for the ANSP. First, the controller is being able to train with its own headset for being best prepared and experienced with the daily work tools. Second, the investment for the training can be reduced by using the AirTalk® dongle. Third, it is easier to have a hygienic concept behind, by letting the controller use its own operational headset. It is an easy way to adapt the operational devices to the simulation and train the ATCO as they are used to operate in their daily work. The dongle concept can be easily adapted to nearly any device especially within the IMTRADEX AirTalk® portfolio. From controlling and simulation there is the last part of communication. The AirTalk® 5000 is the latest development from IMTRADEX, especially designed to meet the demanding needs of the ATM users worldwide. The product series provides a high flexibility and is able to be used in any area. The headsets are available as single-sided or dual sided version. Can be connected as single or dual channel. Equipped with different electret microphones, i.e., NC or OMC versions, or dynamic microphones it also allows the right use at any environment. The AirTalk® 5000 comes with the new CalmNoiseLine (CNL) technology to provide an even more quiet feeling from the top of your head. The CNL features reduces the noise from the wired connection. The daily use of headsets needs also to be supported by the right set of accessories. The AirTalk will usually be delivered with there own ATC bag (EVA case) for the transport at their work location and the storage beside the use. Furthermore, to provide the perfect fit for any size IMTRADEX provides with the AirTalk® headsets a distance clip called Spacer. It can adapt the fit of the headset to an even more comfortable one. There are also different ear cushions available in size and material. The well- known CoolMaxTM ear cushion is one of its kind. For a perfect fit of the headband there is also a headband cushion available. CalmNoiseLine | SPECIAL BULLETIN SERIES | 2023 |  | 

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