Page 3 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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      INTRODUCTION It is two years since our last publication focussing on Remote & Digital Towers which was very well received by the industry. It is no surprise that there has been even more interest from the various stakeholders in this particular field for this edition. I would like to thank all the ANSPs, suppliers, experts who have contributed to this publication. Without your contributions this would not be possible. The applications of these technologies are quickly changing. With integrated solutions, multiple remote tower solutions, digital solutions and recently new build airports installing remote towers. All these applications benefit safety, efficiency and the industry as a whole. I hope you enjoy reading this issue. If you would like to update us on your Remote & Digital Tower projects please send us your updates. We can always publish this on ATC Network. We are planning to publish another special bulletin magazine on this subject in the future. Chris Wade CEO ATC Network 3 | REMOTE & DIGITAL TOWERS | INTRODUCTION ©istock Editorial Team ATC Network Chris Wade Vicky Janse Aino Essers Design Sander van Geest We Focus BV Cover image ©DFS  | 

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