Page 4 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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 4 Rohde & Schwarz voice communications systems for digital/remote towers and virtual centers Rohde & Schwarz \[Advertorial\] Operational Excellence for Remote Digital Tower Imtradex \[Advertorial\] Why Doesn’t FAA’s New Control Tower Plan Include Remote/Digital Towers? By Robert W. Poole, Jr. \[taken from Aviation Policy News Jan 2023\] Crossing the chasm: How digital towers joined the mainstream An interview with Moodie Cheikh - CEO of Searidge Technologies \[Advertorial\] Air Traffic Control Services redefined CONTENTS 5 News Compiled by ATC Network 10 14 17 22 26 28 30 36 40 45 51 Simulator For Remote Tower Operations Training By By Kjell Arne Kamben, Edda Systems Multiple Remote Tower Is it becoming reality soon? By Joern Jakobi, Business Manager, DLR and Michael Drews, Communications Manager, DLR How remote digital towers are leading Air Navigation Service Providers to re-define their business model By Eric Wernsperger, Frequentis DFS Aerosense and Veit Voges, DFS Aviation Services \[Advertorial\] The benefits of KVM in Remote and Digital Tower concepts Guntermann & Drunck GmbH \[Advertorial\] Designing the Future of Air Traffic Control: Exploring the Potential of New Solutions By Yasudha Sahi, ATM/CNS Systems Lead, NACO, Netherlands Airport Consultants Convergence, Collaboration and a Common Technology Platform: Future proofing seamless airport operations By Steve Hathway, Searidge Technologies \[Advertorial\] Remote & Digital Tower Installations Worldwide Update 2023 By Chris Wade, ATC Network | SPECIAL BULLETIN SERIES | 2023 | | 

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