Page 5 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Remote and Digital Towers 2023-01
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  NEWS Brindisi Remote Tower ©ENAV Compiled by ATC Network Highlands and Islands Airports drop remote tower programme 5 In January 2018, HIAL received approval to proceed with its Air Traffic Management Strategy (ATMS) to modernise its air traffic management system and deliver a modern and flexible air traffic management operation through the introduction of remote tower operations in a combined surveillance centre. In December 2019, the ATMS Business Case was approved by Transport Scotland’s Investment and Decision- Making Board and the HIAL Board gave approval to proceed with the ATMS programme delivery. During 2021, the industrial action by air traffic controllers, failure to reach agreement with the trade union Prospect on the original ATMS proposal, and the range in costs following the tender exercise for the remote tower element created a significant budget risk. This resulted in a compromise agreement between HIAL and Prospect. In January 2022, the HIAL Board agreed the future strategic direction for air traffic modernisation, which comprised a centralised surveillance operation for Sumburgh, Kirkwall, Stornoway, Inverness, and Dundee airports, based at our existing approach radar facility on the Inverness Airport Site. Air traffic tower services would continue to be provided locally at each of these airports. Prospect then balloted its members, with the majority of air traffic controllers accepting this revised strategic direction. At their meeting on 24 August, the Board made the decision to wind up the ATMS Board Sub- Committee. This is the final action from the Board to close the original ATMS programme following the change in strategic direction agreed in January 2022. | REMOTE & DIGITAL TOWERS | NEWS |   Read the full statement here: management-strategy-2/1 

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