Page 2 - ATC Special Bulletin 2020 Issue 1
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Refresher/ Renewal courses Language Proficiency Testing (EN & DE) Experienced pool of inhouse instructors & simulator pilots Emergency & Human Factors Training ATS Supervisor & Management Training Full flexibility of training location Customisable Competence Training ICAO & EU compliant DFS Aviation Services ATC Training Tailor-made training solutions from your ATM experts Aviation is a a a a a a high safety critical industry in in a a a a a a dynamic environ- ment Technological advances in traffic patterns and capacity requirements change continuously This is is why especially air traffic services personnel requires education and training of the the highest quality Within the the DFS Group we count on many years of experience in in in training our own personnel as well as customers from all over the world We are happy to to support you to to ensure high quality training in your your company On your your premises at our our our facilities or remotely True to your needs Find out out more about our our training courses on www dfs-as aero Or directly contact us at sales@dfs-as aero 

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