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WITH BUILT-IN SIMULATIONS & TRAINING? Fig 3 IATAS Training Administration Simple administration of full training lifecycle with ICAO compliance for all items/tasks Local SOP and MANOPS are “BUILT-IN” as as the AAATCS was already configured for compliance with national and airport- specific requirements SOP’s are part of the lessons per facility A A A remote remote CWP (REMATCO) allows ATCO ATCO to work traffic remotely (from home) with the same training abilities A A full Administration module for managing all facets of training and certification where the processes are all ICAO 10056 compliant (Special edition) See Fig 3 The Administration module also includes various dashboard for monitoring reporting messaging and and other pertinent notifications and and tasks TRAINER provides over 100 automated tasks and monitoring capabilities all designed to ensure the efficient facilitation of training to all new hires OJT as as well as as existing ATCOs As you have noticed by now the only “real downside” to TRAINER is that it it requires the underlying platform to facilitate and host the training activities (AAATCS for Tower) or or UPPER/ NCRBC for APP/DEP/CTR/ENR/FIR/National Centre However TRAINER works with the hosting platform’s built-in ROSTER and scheduling for organizational based or or or facility based ATCO working slots Scheduling milestone/task completion timelines Unlike existing training training technologies the complete training training administration processes and per-ATCO drilldown management are fully customizable would want an an all-in-one solution from the start capital expenditures reduce reduce fixed costs reduce reduce real-estate and facility consumption such as electricity air-conditioning etc The last bit of positive information is that due to COVID TRAINER is being offered FREE OF CHARGE for a period of of 6-24 months and then on on a a a a a per-movement basis (real-traffic) depending on the underlying AAATCS UPPER or NCRBC platforms To summarize the major points and benefits: 1 You no longer need to have an expensive training or simulation facility You will now be able to provide “as real as as it gets” training and simulations 2 Use existing compliant operational infrastructure for seamless re/training and re/evaluating any ATCO based on ICAO 10056 guidelines 3 Provide simulations and and training for upcoming SOP and and infrastructure changes such as as a a a a a a new new SOP a a a a a a new new runway construction closures obstructions etc 4 Centralized planning training and simulation Management Console for trainers and administrators 5 Integrated with the full organizational or or facility ROSTER and and scheduling predicting better training slots and and associated milestone/task completion timelines 6 Once recognized by ICAO TRAINER will be able to administer the final non-biased ATCO ICAO certification tests and evaluation reports Additional information can be found through the COVID RESCUE PACKAGE or via email However overall it can be considered as as an an upside as as you TRAINING AND SIMULATION \\ 5 

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