Page 3 - ATC Special Bulletin 2020 Issue 1
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EDITORIAL Welcome to the first of three ‘special bulletins’ which will be published in in the coming months We are living in in in in and and experiencing unprecedented and and testing times espe- cially for the aviation industry In this publication many of the articles are looking at at how Training has been effected by the pandemic and and it is is no surprise that our industry has already implemented many innovative solutions to help deal with the issues I would like to to thank all the the participants who have contributed to to the the magazine and hope you will enjoy reading them Best Regards Chris Wade CEO ATC Network CONTENTS 7-11 News 12-13 Post COVID-19 fatigue and stress management for ATCOs by Fabrice Drogoul and Philippe Cabon 16-17 Preparing for the recovery by David Perks IFATCA 18-19 Simulate to Innovate by Peter Weeks Think Research 20-21 Real Time Simulators – How research simulators turn out to be a a a a valuable asset for deployment implementation and training by Philippe Debels Eurocontrol Bretigny 22-27 COVID-19 effects on ATC training by Chris Wade ATC Network ADVERTISERS INDEX 2 DFS Aviation Services 4-5 Advertorial IATAS 6 Micro NAV 8 Advanced ATC 10 UFA Inc 14-15 Advertorial Rose Simulation 

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