Page 4 - ATC Special Bulletin 2020 Issue 1
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ADVERTORIAL HOW TO ACHIEVE AN OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENT Fig 1 IATAS TRAINER The ATCO can seamlessly switch between operational Tower-CWP and simulation/training in in in seconds For a few minutes forget everything you know about training facilities keep an open mind and imagine this: A certified operational Tower several ATCO positions each running multiple screens including A- SMGCS Level 4 however some controllers are being trained right on on their CWP based on on mistakes they have made which were recorded earlier by the CWP but in their own environment without stepping out of the tower We can now begin to explore the how what and why Until now one had to design seek purchase and maintain simulation and and training and and at at at at a a a a a a a a a separate location from the operational environment each with its own lifecycle budget continuous overheads and headaches not to mention the wasted hours and capital Also until now it it was was impossible to mimic a a a a true true operational environment of a a a a CWP under true true SOP with simulators and training Forget all that it it is time for a a a a a a complete makeover in in in in training philosophy and a a a a mind shift Say hello to TRAINER an an advanced 360-environment for an an operational (compliant) CWP built on on top of AAATCS - a a a a a complete SMGCS-Level-4 Tower platform (also for for remote tower) with with simulation capabilities and with with an an ICAO 10056 compliant automated training framework for individual ATCO’s Note: “UPPER” is the equivalent system with TRAINER for APP/ DEP/CTR/ENR/FIR/National Centre Why is is this technology a a a complete game-changer? The real-time monitoring scoring and feedback from the operational CWP collects data while the ATCO is working live traffic The system provides reports on a a a per-ATCO level and makes suggestions to the trainer for improving competencies attitudes and lessons In short the Platform scores multiple aspects during during the live operations as as as well as as as during during simulations and training This also facilitates the reports for any audits A training administrator can create personalized paths scenarios simulations lessons and tasks for any individual or or team/group of ATCOs This simplifies and accelerates the process for OJT in an an operational facility without any special infrastructures nor capital expenditures Built-in virtual pilots ground staff vehicles and EMER crews enables the creation of limitless training scenarios simulations and tests for allowing complex EMER scenarios including various stakeholders TRAINER allows real pilots and other staff to join remotely Fig 2 IATAS TRAINER – ATCO personalized training facility alone or with a a a team/group 4 / TRAINING AND SIMULATION 

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