Page 13 - ATC Special Bulletin Series - Meteorology 2022-01
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tion features, nowcasting algorithms, and forecast models for events such as thunderstorms, low level windshear, microbursts, gust fronts, turbulence, fog, snow, and others.
The Advanced Aviation Weather Decision Support System provides users with all available meteorological observations and forecasts with progressively finer steps and evaluates them against airport-specific configurable thresholds. Enhanced common situational awareness is enriched by alerting functionalities based on intensity, duration, probability, and related impact assessment. The advisory tool provides local alerting procedures to minimize human factor failure. In addition to all these advanced features, working with the system is enjoyable and user-friendly.
AAWDSS Forecast Screen
Runway selection
ATCO or AO/GH phenomena selection
Main table with forecasted and color coded ATCO or AO/ GH specific phenomena
Forecast time horizon selection

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